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Creating a Brand in the Field of Telecommunications


A local telecommunications company wishes to provide the Spanish market an improved, alternative solution. Leaving behind the traditional idea of “access to internet”, thanks to the latest technology, user experience is now the main priority.

The Process

The distinctive factor is the importance of optic fiber in the field of telecommunications. Starting from a visual concept of what internet means today, we focused on the idea of “sharing”, so popular on social media. Last but not least, we took inspiration from the image of an optic fibre cable, composed by its little fibers.

Logo Rediber

Internal reflection

icon rediber


icon rediber

Optical fiber/Speed

icon rediber

The Symbol

The result is the combination of two twisted fibers, symbolizing perfect compatibility and a stable but dynamic connection.

Rediber Logo Symbol
icon rediber
icon rediber
icon rediber

Additional elements

The dynamic aspect applies to print materials as well. These communicate the company’s values through a simple, modern and user-friendly design.

imagine elemente aditionale

The Website

The idea of friendliness and reciprocity is continued by the company’s website. The tone of texts and the illustrations added mimic an open and welcoming attitude towards visitors.

imagine pagina web

The Animations

The implementation of animations and special effects make the website appear alive, creating a harmonious feeling between text and imagery. Visitor can enjoy a responsive design on any type of device.

animatii rediber
imagine dispozitive
quote image

What I love about working with them is the constant interaction. Ideas go back and forth untill the product is exactly what we need.

Costin Berbecaru


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