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Global Positioning after Microsoft and OWASP


Continuum Security is a B2B company that provides online security solutions. One of their products, Irius Risk, is a threat modeling tool for application security risks. Continuum Security’s objective was to gain higher positions in SERP results for specific keywords at a global level.

The solution

Internal structure reorganisation

A well organized website benefits both users and search engines. Web pages become easier to navigate and robots gain a better understanding of the logic structure of the given information. In Continuum Security’s case, we separated the information about their two products into separate pages and monitored their growth for relevant keywords.

Search engine markup improvements

Although SEO optimization has been continuously generating more and more interest, many websites still lack basic aspects that lead to a good communication with web crawlers. As this project made no exception, we implemented a clear markup for search engines.

Strategic domain authority increase

After on-page SEO was correctly implemented, we focused our attention on growing Continuum Security’s domain authority. In order to increase their visibility on all pages, we developed a long-term strategy.


As the first graphic demonstrates, our collaboration resulted in a significant rank increase for selected keywords.


grafic rezultate

The second graphic represents the rank increase of a certain keyword, “threat modeling tool”. Before our collaboration, Continuum Security occupied the 24th position. After a few months of continuous optimizations, they escalated to the third place in search results, right after pages managed by Microsoft.

3: threat modeling tool

grafic rezultate
quote image

Web Efficient studied our webpage and gave us a high level of consultancy in how to change it in order to get more results in the internet search engines. We couldn’t have been happier with their input, professionality and speed in delivering.

Cristina Bentue

Continuum Security

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