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Landing Page Design

A landing page is the first page your visitor will interact with after being redirected from a paid ad, an email or any other type of marketing channel. These pages are focused on a single, specific campaign with a well-defined goal (i.e. a special promotion, lead generation etc.). Studies show that the conversion rate increase significantly when visitors are sent to an optimized landing page instead of a general page.

At Web Efficient, we build optimized landing pages for efficient campaigns.

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A well-crafted landing page will help you with:

Increasing your conversion rate

Because you narrow the user’s options to a single, specific campaign, the chances of them responding positively to your call to action are higher.

Presenting a unified message

A landing page will help you to focus on a relevant and concise message while the design and technical constraints are greatly reduced.

Simplifying analysis

The visitor’s behaviour can be closely studied on a landing page. Moreover, A/B tests can be conducted and analyzed with minimal financial efforts.

Generating more leads

Placing a form on landing pages can help grow your database with important information about your potential clients. This data can be later used in personalized marketing campaigns.

You may need a landing page if:

You want to show a personalized offer to segmented groups

You want to promote a specific product and/or service

You want to generate leads for your sales department

You want to sell a group of different products and/or services

When offering our landing page
design service,


We gather as much information as we can about your campaign


We analyze and segment your client base


We make sure that conversion key elements are included


We listen to your feedback


We implement and enhance the selected option


We present three different style options


We code the project based on the final design


We monitor the outcome for further improvements

Why should I choose Web Efficient
for landing page design?

We base all our creative work on official research

We follow a clear and efficient design process

The client is involved in each phase of the process

We focus on integrating the project with your business goals

We deliver high quality design

We monitor the efficiency of our design with respect to your objectives

We are really awesome

You want to grow.
We’re here to help.

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