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Branding & Logo Design

It only takes consumers 10 seconds to form a first impression of a brand’s logo.*

A logo has a strong influence on the success of your business. It is the element which identifies your company, makes it stand out and helps to establish relationships with potential customers. Oftentimes, the design of your logo shapes the first impression of your brand and we all know that a first impression counts significantly.

At Web Efficient, we create memorable logos, specifically designed for your unique business.

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How do I recognize a qualitative logo?

A logotype has to pass your brand’s values to your target audience. The best logo designs fulfill the following requirements:

Icon caracteristici


No matter what the current trend is, a logo needs to pass the test of time.

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A simple and adequate design will remain in the consumer's mind.

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A logo needs to adjust to any publication, be it an online one or a printed one.

Logo Vest Data Recovery
Logo Pelvik
Logo Adazia Zourai
Logo Rediber
Logo BestRock Construct
Logo Your only limit is you
Logo Grill House
Logo Aquamar
Logo Desiderio Quintet

The Style Guide

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The Style Guide

Almost of the same importance of a professional logo is the style guide. This offers consistency to your visual identity and establishes the guidelines for the appropriate usage of your logo in any given context.

When offering our branding and logo design services,


We gather as much data as possible to understand your business


We explore all possibilities and present the best options


We create the logo with the closest attention to details


We deliver the final results together with all the necessary information for a correct usage

Why should I choose Web Efficient
for branding & logo design?

We base all our creative work on official research

We have experienced the usage of a logo in diverse real scenarios

We follow a clear and efficient creative process

The client is involved in each phase of the process

We focus on delivering high quality design

We are really awesome

Our logo was born by combining our ideas with the suggestions received from Web Efficient. We are very proud to be represented by such an adequate logo for our business. Based on our experience with the team, we highly recommend their services.

Lari Muntean

Desiderio Quintet

Creating the perfect logo nowadays gives anyone a hard time. Harder still is to keep it simple. Web Efficient managed both.

Costin Berbecaru


You want to grow.
We’re here to help.

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