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Google AdWords Campaigns

What is your business’s objective right now? Do you want more traffic for your web page in order to generate more sales? Did you launch a startup or a web application which needs to be promoted? If your answer is yes, then search engine marketing (SEM) is one of the solutions you are looking for.

At Web Efficient we combine our technical skills with the creative ones in order to help our clients reach their target.

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What are AdWords campaigns?

Search engine marketing is one of the most efficient marketing channels today. By promoting a strong competition, AdWords campaigns are structured as an auction for paid positioning in Google SERPs or on its extended network.

Depending on the settings, you only pay when someone sees or clicks your ad, which gives you control on the amount you want to invest. Basically, although your website is not listed in the first organic results, you can pay to be placed preferentially.

Avoid costs with on-page optimization

The cost per click (CPC) that you pay for each keyword can be optimized. Presuming the same conversion rate, reducing the cost will generate profit. There are two factors which influence the CPC: the maximum bid and the quality of the landing page.

Having this in mind, before launching a paid campaign, it is advisable to correctly implement all on-page elements. We do not recommend investing in paid campaigns before laying a strong foundation for them.

What do AdWords campaigns include?


We make sure the website is optimized for reducing costs


We analyze the market size for your products and/or services


We set up the campaigns having in mind the conducted keyword research


We constantly monitor your conversion costs and ROI


We constantly monitor your website rankings and results

Why should I choose Web Efficient
for AdWords campaigns?

We have proven we deserve our client’s trust

We apply custom strategies for every business

We focus on delivering qualitative leads for conversion

We provide periodic transparent reports

We are really awesome

You want to grow.
We’re here to help.

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